Robert Dennis, Illinois born and a long time southern California resident, came west to pursue a career in motion pictures.  He found success as an executive in the post production arena working for such companies as HBO, Lucasfilm, Disney, and Technicolor.

Yet it was images Robert created back home with a still camera he picked up as a kid that fueled his interest in creating imagery. So he managed to retire early and decided to pursue the photographic artform. 

Robert describes the inspiration for his landscape photography:

"Form and detail come together to capture nature’s story most powerfully, from the immense to the minute. Nature’s bold design surrounds us.

My work seeks that out in light that tells the story. I strive to create a story of place and time through light. I strive to slow the process to create a compelling image that pulls the outside into daily life. I strive to communicate the beauty of our world.

Organizing chaotic nature with a frame to capture a fleeting moment drives my creative work. I hope through these photographs others come to appreciate the landscape and nature we miss in our urban life."